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Find the famous artists and their paintings you seen here, in the bookstore. They are all here, Giotto, Jan van Eyck, Rubens, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Rembrandt, El Greco, Monet, Degas, van Gogh, they are all here, and probably more artists that you haven't heard of before today. Use the search engine, and see what the bookstore has. You mighty be surprised! Digital art reproduction is fantastic today.

All of the source books used for the art history material on this website can be found here. If they are out of date usually an update can be found. The sources again that were used are as follows:

1) "History of Art", First Edition Revised, Fifth Edition Revised, H.W. Janson, Anthony F. Janson, published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc. 1997

2)"History of Italian Renaissance Art", Frederick Hartt, published by Prentice-Hall Inc., Harry N. Abrams Inc. 1975

3)"Mainstreams of Modern Art", John Canaday, published by Holt, Reinhardt and Winston, New York, 1959

4) Gardener's,"Art Through the Ages", Ninth Edition, volume II, published by Harcourt Brace, 1991

5)"The World of Rubens", by C.V. Wedgewood and the Editors of Time-Life Books, published be Time-Life books, 1967

6) "The Story of Art", by E. H. Gombrich, published by Phaidon Publishers Inc. 1967

7)History of American Painting Volume Three, That Wilder Image, The Native School From Thomas Cole to Winslow Homer by James Thomas Flexner, Dover Publications, INC. New York, 1970

8) Gustav Klimt by Dr. Ilona Sarmany-Parsons, Crown Publishers, Inc.-New York, Printed in Italy- Industrie Grafiche Cattaneo S.P.A.Bergamo, 1987 Bonfini Press Corporation, Naefels, Switzerland

10) Pissarro by Raymond Cogniat, Crown Publishers, Inc., New York, New York, Printed in Italy, Bonfini Press, 1977

11) Raoul Dufy by Raymond Cogniat, Uffici Press, printed in Italy no date given, no publisher given

12) Paul Klee, Edited by Carolyn Lanchner, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, Distributed by New York Graphic Society Books/Little, Brown and Company, Boston, Published with the assistance of the J. Paul Getty Trust, 1987

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