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, Mark Johnson, Untitled, (#1632)

Contemporary Artand Modern Art seem to be terms of confusion for many people today.The term Modern Art is a general term used to describe art produced in the late 1880’s and in the early 1900’s. The period lasted until approximately 1970. The word “contemporary” is generally used describing art created from the 1970’s until the present time.

Both terms are loosely interpreted and signify a trend away from that which has been traditionally accepted. If loosely interpreted one could say Renaissance art was modern due to more realistic rendering and correct spatial relationships compared to Byzantine art, and that Baroque art was modern compared to Renaissance art in its expression of emotion, drama, atmosphere and movement.

Modern Art represented a new thought process conspicuously different from traditional art views. Representation of Nature itself was no longer critical for expression. Artists began to look for new methods of expression using different materials as a medium of expression as well as paint. A Good example would be the art of Marcel Duchamp’s fur-lined teacup, 1936.

Contemporary Art is more related to the latter part of the twentieth century, and a greater part of it’s understanding is found in understanding conceptual art. Conceptual art being an art where the idea or the thought that is provoked is more important than the means of construction.

Both terms are taken loosely today and show a lack of a particular art movement possibly due to the fact that new innovations and developments are constantly taking place and artists need to stay current.

Some popular twentieth century art styles are: Expressionism, Cubism, Impressionism, Symbolism, Surrealism, Formalism, Abstract Expressionism, and Pop Art.

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