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Welcome to the Johnson space and universe art gallery

Few of us have ridden a rocket into space. We have not seen the entirety of the universe or even a small part of it until the advent of the Hubble Telescope approximately ten years ago. Now we can see distant planets, galaxies, even isolated light emitted by sulfur and oxygen gas artificially colored.

Space seems to be filled with dramatic events such as newborn stars emerging amid cosmic pillars, formed from vast clouds of molecular hydrogen, and colliding galaxies. The events are so exciting they challenge the imagination and demand explanation.

In my space and universe galleries I am creating a series of mixed media monoprint limited edition prints of the cosmic universe. As an abstract expressionist artist I choose to rendering exhilarating prints of light, color, and form the Hubble Telescope does not see, but in my imagination does exist.

As in my other galleries, these art prints are created using, and combining renderings created outside the computer and inside the computer.

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